AFFEERCE Executive Summary
Alternative Families + Free Enterprise + universal Entitlement + balance of the RC + Enlightenment

I.                    AFFEERCE Volume I – The Vision

A.      AFFEERCE is form of Georgism – That which we create with our own labor belongs to us. That which God or Nature has provided belongs to each of us and to all of us.

B.      Freedom and free enterprise are natural rights of humanity.

C.      Universal distribution is the bounty from renting nature’s land. These ground rents belong equally to each individual are divided between personal goods and public services.

1.       Every person is entitled to nutritious meals, warm and safe shelter, quality medical care, and unlimited free education, thereby leveling the playing field.

2.       Each of us is entitled to a government that protects our natural rights, police and fire protection, sanitation, and a national defense

3.       A third category of distribution goes to those who freely share their intellectual property.

D.      Rental of the Commons (RC) – The collection of ground rents has many carefully crafted features.

1.       Rents are initialized once at the capitulation and naturally fall thereafter. When a land rights owner voluntarily raises the rent they pay, others’ rents will fall, or the excess will go to a citizens’ dividend.

2.       A land rights owner will raise the rent they pay to protect their land rights and improvements from seizure. The trebler can seize the land rights if they treble the rents paid to the people and pay the former land rights owner 150% the objective depreciated value of improvements on the land.

3.       Ground rent is paid a year in advance. A one year advance payment of ground rent is also compensation for making the landowner a land rights owner, instead.

4.       A land rights owner can freeze the ground rent they are paying to stop it from falling. For rent in arrears, the freeze is lifted, and liens are placed on improvements until the land rights owner is able to catch up or the property is trebled. Encumbered improvements are payable at 100%, rather than 150% ODV.

E.       Reproductive Control (RC) through a small baby tax keeps population growth in line with growth of productivity. This controversial tax has many justifications.

1.       Universal distribution encourages large families through economy of scale. The baby tax prevents women from being treated as baby machines.

2.       Eliminates fears of future population control based on race, creed, religion, or whims of tyrants

3.       Creates a sense of entitlement for the distributions. They are no longer perceived as handouts. They are partially paid for.

4.       Discourages those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, gambling, or other habits that prevent savings, from being parents.

5.       Promotes the idea that every child is valuable.

6.       The income tax is abolished, but baby tax scofflaws will have a 40% income tax levied on all family members, including paternal family if different. Citizens’ dividends in excess of universal entitlement will be suspended as well, until the tax, interest and penalty is paid.

F.       A balance of the two RC’s allows for unending prosperity.

1.       The Treasury maintains a constant rate of fall of the rent multiplier, with excess ground rents going to a citizens’ dividend.

2.       Elimination of all predators, including disease, starvation, and war, creates a new responsibility to maintain the balance of nature for our own species.

3.       Maintaining this balance helps define the Anthropocene Epoch.

G.     Universal distribution has a fascinating side effect: the impetus to create large alternative families to profit from the resulting economies of scale.

1.       Families limited by imagination.

2.       Voluntary membership allows rules contradicting natural right to property.

3.       Provides base for new entrepreneurs to compete with inefficient big business.

4.       Supporting environment tends to end loneliness, domestic abuse, and alienation. 

5.       Communes, kibbutz, spiritual families, business families, will all thrive.

6.       New cities, counties, and fantasy kingdoms can easily rise on their merits.

H.      A cellular democracy is created to protect our natural rights.

1.       Populations self-organize and organize land into hierarchical dominions.

2.       Direct democracy by a super-plurality of the dominion for all questions of additional taxation, or conflicts in natural rights.

3.       A cellular aristocracy, the highest payers of rent to the people, pay for government travel, entertainment, and office buildings in exchange for social privilege, but never political power.

4.       Specialized communities can form around violations of natural rights, with a 5/6 plurality and treble option (generous buyouts of those voting no).

5.       Rogue states can maintain alternative currencies and different legal systems in the panarchy.

6.       Dynamic dominions will frequently change shape, due to peaceful land conquest through trebling, and population migration.

I.        Biometric identity is a required technology

1.       Automated entitlement distribution and access.

2.       Increases access to capital by automatically restricting purchases

3.       Collection of taxes automated

4.       Reduces crime and aids law enforcement

5.       Applications allow a cashless, wallet-less, key-less world.

II.                  AFFEERCE Volume II – The Plan

A.      AFFEERCE will not come through revolution, education, or the ballot box. It will begin as an embryo that will use the law of rent to create great wealth, in a viral community, via a business plan.

B.      The people of the United States will demand capitulation and pass a package of constitutional amendments to bring freedom, distributions and prosperity.

C.      The viral community is fueled by several engines.

1.       Land trust

a.       60% of ground rent reinvested in more land

b.      30% of ground rent supports city and county services

c.       10% pays dividends to investors, affeercianados, the AFFEERCE Benefit Corporation (ABC)

2.       Affeercianados

a.       Landlord-worker class owns the land

b.      Landlord-worker class supplies free labor driving up the value of the land

D.      The business plan is designed to last 60 years, will produce great profits for early participants, and is divided into phases

1.       Phase-I (20 years)

a.       Build land holdings

b.      Build land value

c.       Affeercianado hyper-profit enterprise

2.       Phase-II (19 years)

a.       Create VIP$

b.      Monetize land with great profits to investors and affeercianados

c.       Entitlement auctions with 95% ground rent

d.      95% of residents achieve full entitlement

3.       Phase-III (18 years)

a.       Deluxe land expansion – purchase all land in the host-state with VIP$

b.      Provide full entitlement for all citizens in host-state who sell land to the commons

c.       Political control of the host-state

d.      Win-Win U.S. Treasury bonds in AFFEERCE Central Bank

4.       Phase-IV (3 years)

a.       Prepare constitutional amendment package

b.      Debt monetization and financial reconciliation between the U.S. and viral community

c.       Prepare implementation package

5.       Capitulation – Passage of the amendment package and a U.S. AFFEERCE nation

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