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AFFEERCE is an implementation of Georgism, based on the ideas of 19th Century economist Henry George, and on Jeff Graubart's AFFEERCE Volume I - The Vision, Volume II - The Plan and Volume III - The Philosophy.

AFFEERCE is an acronym for Alternative Families + Free Enterprise + Universal Entitlement + Balance of the RCs + Enlightenment.

The fruits of our labor belong to us alone.
The land, which God or Nature has provided, belongs to each of us, and to all of us.

Structural unemployment requires basic income

Universal entitlement, paid from the equal distribution of land rents, provides each of us with nutritious meals, warm and safe shelter, quality medical care, unlimited free education, free access to intellectual property, police and fire protection, a government to protect our natural rights, streets and sanitation services, and a national defense.

The different

Free enterprise means there is no income tax on corporate profits or wages. There is no minimum wage, or rights that violate the natural right to property, except as the people, by a 2/3 plurality in the affected dominion see fit to implement. Absent force or coercion, there are no restrictions on collusion or the formation of monopolies. Regulations are voluntary but violations must be fully disclosed by law. Full disclosure limits liability. Honesty is paramount. Lawyers, prosecutors, police, and those who fill out applications for credit will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for dishonesty.

AFFEERCE promises to forge a path of freedom and democracy that left, right, spiritual and secular can travel together. AFFEERCE is not a compromise between objectivism and subjectivism, but rather a synthesis of the two.

The fourth version of AFFEERCE is here!

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 AFFEERCE basics in a 10 page illustrated PDF    Download What is AFFEERCE? 
 The AFFEERCE future vision    Download Volume I - The Vision 
 The business plan to obtain the vision    Download Volume II - The Plan 
 Numbers used in the business plan    Complete Phase I - Excel spreadsheet 
 Worksheet for treble business takeovers    Business Takeover Excel worksheet 
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Outside U.S.? The AFFEERCE revolution knows no national boundaries. If you wish to customize Volume I - The Vision, or Volume II - The Plan to a different nation or group of nations, contact me about a very fair royalty sharing agreement that will allow you to use arbitrarily large portions of the two volumes, verbatim.

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