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Looking to a new world where enterprise is free and poverty has been wiped off the face of the Earth

AFFEERCE promises to forge a path of freedom and democracy that left, right, spiritual and secular can travel together. AFFEERCE is not a compromise between objectivism and subjectivism, but rather a synthesis of the two.

The fourth version of AFFEERCE is here!

Important Downloads
 AFFEERCE basics in a 10 page illustrated PDF    Download What is AFFEERCE? 
 The AFFEERCE future vision    Download Volume I - The Vision 
 The business plan to obtain the vision    Download Volume II - The Plan 
 Numbers used in the business plan    Complete Phase I - Excel spreadsheet 
 Worksheet for treble business takeovers    Business Takeover Excel worksheet 
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Outside U.S.? The AFFEERCE revolution knows no national boundaries. If you wish to customize Volume I - The Vision, or Volume II - The Plan to a different nation or group of nations, contact me about a very fair royalty sharing agreement that will allow you to use arbitrarily large portions of the two volumes, verbatim.

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